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The picture above says it all. Created by Kate from the DGL, this shows some really cool options that we could be looking forward to in the near future. What would you want to see in a spectator mode for Insurgency? 

Here is what kate said in her post here:

"Here's a muted color version of a concept for a casting mode in Insurgency.

This is ONLY stuff that'd be shown to spectators/casters/stream viewers.

This is showing every possible element at once... Ideally, all these components (map, team status, player gear, score) things could be toggled to fade in and out with a keybind to reduce needless clutter.

There'd also ideally be an alpha setting you could adjust on the different components.

UI Elements:

+ Toggleable minimap showing player FOV and number. (Could press button on numpad to cut to corresponding player.)
- Team-color-coded player circles (default in game is currently yellow ins / blue sec), FOV fields, and trails.
- Minimap would ideally zoom in and adjust center to cut out map clutter and improve map usefulness, giving a slight space buffer around most distant players.
- Momentary white flashing around players that are shooting, momentary red flashing around players taking hits.
- Ideally, a tiny chevron on the top or bottom of player dots to show major elevation differences relative to current POV.

+ Detailed kill feed with team color coding of attacker and their weapon (w/ shape) and the downed player. Distance of final shot as well as last two locations hit shown (head, arm, chest, torso, leg), as well as ADS/Hip firing status and crouch (stand crouch prone). (Not bad as is though.)

+ Toggleable (*with bind*) team status indicators with capacity level and status change flashing.
- Team-colored outlines, with a highly transparent fill color that goes down like a health (going down) / ammo bar (going back towards stock).
- Player number shown, colored with team color.
- Player outline shows stance (sprint, standing hipfire, standing ads, crouching hipfire, crouching ads, hip, color of outline shows health level, lines behind indicate movement.
- When damage is taken, the player outline flashes brightly with dark red, then a translucent red pulses for about two seconds.
- Drawn weapon is displayed at most inward position (pointing towards center, as with stance), bar.
- When weapons are fired, the weapon outline flashes brightly with the shot, then a translucent white pulses for about two seconds.
- Downed players and expended equipment turn to grey, then fade out after like 7 seconds.
- Stack of players is condensed and goes downward as players are eliminated to save screen space and lower clutter.
- This could be resized ideally, and could perhaps scale to modes larger than 5v5 (modifier keys for cutting to view of players above #10).

+ Color-coded score indicator at top.

+ Team-color-coded "Viewing " text at bottom, with large player name.

+ Team-color-coded cap bars shown on points, with time of cap progress in seconds shown.

+ Time converted to 3m30s format.

+ Weapons of viewed player shown.
- Team-colored weapon fill that drops with shooting.
- Text showing active magazine ammo count, as well as active magazine ammo count.
- Attachments possibly shown (LSR, FLSH, FG, HB, HE, SMK, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 7x).
- Ammo type shown (No symbol if default, HP, AP)
- Nades shown.

Other things that'd be awesome for casting:

+ Working SourceTV.
+ Q/E to go up/down as spec
+ Ability to zoom when casting by hitting ADS.
+ Ability to cycle both forward and back between FP/TP/freecam.
+ Ability to cut to a player by hitting a number key when in spec.
+ Toggleable team-color-coded player outlines visible to spectators only.
+ Toggleable more-visible floating name symbols, perhaps with gun and stance indicators with capacity shown with tiny icons that could be toggled.
+ Tracers rendered to casters only, including on sniper shots. Ideally percentage with tracer could be set by caster. (Tracers look amazing and are great when casting.)
+ Very slight smoke trail shown for casters behind nades."



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