A take on Insurgency Ranked MM

Mon 4th May 2015 - 6:22am : General : Gaming

I know, I know, I know. All I talk about is how much I want this, but come on! Can the dev's really keep stringing me along?


With the new addition of competitive to match making in the starting menu of insurgency, we all know what is coming next. RANKED! Pretty much the entire reason why Counter Strike is so huge, other than the arcade feel and unique play-style it offers to people who play it. It's literally the most addicting thing since oreos and meth. 

Ok now, but for real... DEVS! Add this into the game. Can you imagine how many people would make the switch from whatever FPS they are playing on pc. With an already substantial community, Insurgency will just take off in my opinion.


So with that being said, lets talk about what we would want. Do we want a CS:GO ranking system? I would love to see something similar, and I know NWI is a one of a kind with its style of releasing new content so I am beyond excited for ranked to be inputed. List in the comments below what you would see being added by the devs. They definitely like to take a little different approach than most companies.



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