Vas'Avi Insurgency Clinches Division 3

Mon 4th May 2015 - 11:01am : General : Gaming

Although this is a bit of a hollow victory because of two forfeits, the team excelled above and beyond the opponents it faced.
We look forward to continuing our quest in DGL Season 4 and we take on Division 2.

Vas'Avi DGL Division 3 Stats:

Wins: 5
Losses: 0
Ties: 0

Rounds Won: 45
Rounds Lost: 10

Week by Week:

Week One:  9-4 against OwN^2
Week Two: 9-1 against RQG
Week Three: 9-5 against TooL
Week Four: 9-0 (Forfeit) against SABRE
Week Five: 9-0 (Forfeit) against 7thCav


Side Note:

We seem to have lost a few members along the way:
Whisper remains to be missing in action since the season began.
GodsGunman has taken leave from the team after deciding he no longer wished to play Insurgency.
Nooch has come to the conclusion that he no longer has time to play with us - his irl responsibility have picked up tenfold.

Fear not though, there are a handful of prospects waiting for approval to join us for Season 4 - Division 2 of the DGL.



Charles Lander II

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