Dying Light

Mon 6th Apr 2015 - 8:40pm : Game Reviews

Dying Light


Well what can i say? Zombies, Zombies, Zombies. DL (Dying Light) is a game that will make you ragequit at times, but not from dying , but most likely from falling of cell towers and buildings. The game is very repetitive just like Dead Island and will ge you bored in a few hours. The story is very predictable, and dull at most. Most missions on DL are get this, find this, rescue this, and maybe kills this. The multiplayer is very self explanatory and easy to join. How ever when playing with other people it requires for all players to interact with the same door and or NPC to keep moving forward in the story, not to mention the awful UI that only lets you trade by trowing shit on the ground -_-.

This game honestly disappointed me and got me so upset that such shitty games reach steam, not to mention horrible bugs upon release. The GFX are alright at full with a NVIDIA 770 Ti, but nothing to admire.

I give this game

The reason: seriously? Do i need to state a reason? OK OK.
The reason is this game is such a consol port that not even the XFAIL 360 will wanna use as a rebound. The game died within 1 month of release with negative reviews all over steam. Not only  is it a consol port but  a huge dead island copy.
Devs this days wanna feed this garbage to lil kids and make money just because of day z  -_- .

I rather throw 60 bucks on hammering nails and then swallow all of them before ever playing this game again.



David Reategui

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