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  • Mon 22nd Feb 2016 - 1:50am

    These are to ensure that the Replica Hermes Belt economy through, the stability of the global, is also for didn't scientific development model and lack of the reform of the people's livelihood also historical debt, in addition to transport investment, the other is a long-term project, and can only stand in the perspective of national chess to optimize resource configuration, reasonable arrangement of funds. And local government lobbying once investment, from the point of history, in the absence of effective supervision mechanism, in pursuit of achievements, is likely to be funds for short-term achievements project, prestige projects with quick results.

    Which could cause the repeated construction and shoddy construction of the 1990 s. So, the investment of 4 trillion does not bring the Replica Hermes Belt economy's healthy growth, not only can not ensure the livelihood of the people, improving the lives of low-income families, it will cause disaster for investment, in a global recession cycle bungle the overall situation of economic transformation. We believe that in this very period, need very truly, put forward by the state council for the purpose of the people's livelihood, promote the growth of economic transformation scheme for the purpose of the direction is right, but it does not mean that such special action does not require a ensure the safety of fund, the institutional framework, don't need a process of public decision-making. Four trillion big spending, instantaneous decision by the state council, a bit hasty, the authority of the policy and serious need further details, because of this, need more institutionally ensure that the funds use safety.

    In view of this, in order to avoid the development and reform commission in front of the crowds of people behavior lead to orbit, national economic stimulus plan deviation due to the use of the huge public spending, regulation s et up a relatively effective risk prevention mechanism, in the face of development and reform commission in front of the crowds of people, increasing public wisdom and the public voice, expand economic democracy, is clearly necessary system elements. I suggest that the upcoming central economic work conference of the state council determine to put before the ten measures to prudent.

    In particular, to avoid the interference of interest groups, in the use of huge fiscal spending to stimulate the economy at the same time, open silencing, let people to participate in public policy detail discussion, this is the only mechanism can be against the interests of the public. In this regard, we should learn the public debate on U.S. financial rescue plan process, make the interests of all parties are reflected in the game. Ten measures must have detailed rules for the implementation, must have the emblem of the plan submitted to National People's Congress voted, build system of follow-up auditing, to such a huge public spending to build a security framework and system guarantee.

    Obviously, as at present, the national development and reform commission in front of the bustling crowd is less, the final decision of the public policy can ensure security and justice. (Beijing observers) the second BBS has two small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) in guangdong economy information has attracted widely attention:

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