Topicreplica designer belts thus caused the starvation

  • Mon 22nd Feb 2016 - 1:52am

    one is under the tight monetary policy, in the first half of the country has more than 6.7 scale of small and medium-sized enterprises because of capital chain rupture failure; The second is the national development and reform commission in charge of small and medium-sized enterprise department said that as a long-term mechanism to solve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, the national development and reform commission is currently with the related departments to study and establish a national bank of small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Two information, seems to be a joy a sorrow, actually a little to think of it, seems to be not a good thing. Article 1 information, confirm the educational world clamoring for the appearance of excess liquidity, too much money, the bank on the one hand tightening liquidity contraction, on the other hand, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises because of the lack of money fell under the tight monetary policy. According to the statistical data of the central bank loans to the growth of the month, and to accelerate, but borrow money to go there, we don't know, but at least can be judged, not to be badly in need of money of small and medium-sized enterprises. Article 2 the information is more like a fool for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Regardless of whether the establishment of the national small and medium-sized enterprise bank really can break the struggle to small and medium-sized enterprise financing, alone the two words, in the context of Replica Hermes Belt administrative operation mechanism of efficiency, I'm afraid not scrap data samples of hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the home, is the study of no results, is without letup. Yunus, known as the banker to the poor because of its established focused on offering the most poor bangladeshis microfinance grameen bank to become the winner of the Nobel peace prize in 2006. Especially anger, firmly believe that lending is a basic human right.

    According to the financial philosophy, at the very least, Replica Designer Belts's small and medium-sized enterprises the basic human rights did not obtain the guarantee on the system from the aspects of public policy. And this kind of incomplete system we can use the current amplification effect of macro-control policies, interpreted from the unique perspective. Replica Designer Belts a lot of credit resources are monopoly in the state-owned enterprise's hands, as they are speculative in capital market and real estate tools, pushed up asset prices, rather than investing in industry, this is Replica Designer Belts's excess liquidity and the essence of the so-called overinvestment in large monopoly credit resources for small and medium-sized enterprises of extrusion effect is obvious, replica designer belts thus caused the starvation and conspiracy of economy. In this case, the bank set up specifically for small and medium-sized enterprise service seems to be a kind of at least on the logic to justify choice, as Mr Yunus's grameen.

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