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  • Mon 22nd Feb 2016 - 1:53am

    Apart from the national development and reform commission and related departments to study to when, alone the idea itself, not only can't solution of small and medium-sized enterprises, but perhaps because of the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprise bank, other financial institutions can no longer provide loan services for small and medium-sized enterprises, the small and medium-sized enterprise credit environment worse, this kind of paradox system has already proved by institutional economics, and on many occasions by even when walking, etc as an example of system failure and use of the national development bank, have had to transforming in agricultural development bank, have not become financial field similar to the classic case of system failure? Actually, want to use a little bit about the simple mathematical thinking, in the financial resources are the big four Banks, hundreds of city commercial Banks and joint-stock Banks basic monopoly situation, whether it is a special sme bank is trustworthy, or through overcoming system failure, the government through the provision of public goods, let small and medium-sized enterprises from the existing commercial Banks for loans more feasible, the answer is self-evident. Step back, even if such a bank established, need to set up many branches throughout the country, how many workers captive, need to state how much money can be worth hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, such a specialized agencies, because of the monopoly on small and medium-sized enterprise loan authority,
    In the case of scarce resources, the new rent-seeking is bound to form, the struggle to not only solve the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, instead of new rent-seeking, lane is bad to, and become the new financial a hotbed of corruption. Given Replica Designer Belts's policy Banks always life trajectory, a few years, small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) the bank has become bad debts debt-laden financial institutions, waiting for the national blood transfusion to rescue, mess, also can save the struggle to small and medium-sized enterprise financing? Because of this, from the experience of developed countries, there is little set up so-called specialized credit institutions to solve the world difficult problem of small and medium-sized enterprise financing. Some people say that Japan's small and medium-sized enterprises also have a special bank for its service, but it is well known that Japan is a big business, big business monopoly of the country, including the development of small businesses have little good. Credit chain, small and medium-sized enterprise credit is the key to its credit deficiency, replica hermes belt from the Angle of bank credit belongs to restrict person of civil action competence, is one of the performance of market failure. Needs the government in its own credit instead of commercial credit, to provide guarantee, whether it's the last century in the United States, Europe, etc. American loan guarantees for small and medium enterprises responsible for the administration of small and medium-sized enterprises and the success of the performance of the credit guarantee responsibility, assume the loss guarantee and the government, congress allocated budget every year. According to the bureau of statistics data show that in 2000, the small business administration with a $27 million guarantee, got a loan of $2.3 billion in the open market. The government investing $1, 8 cents expected losses. This is the whole of the government. The United States in terms of small and medium-sized enterprise guarantee is undoubtedly very successful.

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