TopicKiller Bass Fishing Tips That Catch More Bass

  • Tue 7th Apr 2020 - 8:30am

    The one thing that separates pro bass fisherman from amateurs is their knowledge of what works for what situation and what doesn't. Plus these pros are best able to adapt to these problems in a bass fishing tournament because they recognize their signs and change their tactics to meet the needs of their quarry the bass. But besides learning more about bass and bass habitat and understanding what causes bass to turn on the bite your chances of landing the big one can double or triple with these killer bass fishing tips best baitcasting reel for bass.

    1. Learning to Recognize Active and Inactive Bass. It isn't very common each time you head out on the lake are you going to find the absolute supreme ideal bass fishing conditions. You know what I am talking about, those days when you could tie on your kitchen sink and still catch more bass. Well, even though almost everyone has experienced those golden fishing trips it doesn't happen every time does it? There are a lot of factors which determine active and inactive bass, more then can be discussed in one article but the secret to this killer bass fishing tip is be aware of it, and adapt to it when you experience it. A quick example is, no point chucking a buzzbait amongst the weedbeds in search of active bass if they have turned shy and headed for deeper drop offs.

    2. What's Inside Your Tackle box? This killer bass fishing tip is an extension of the first point. Be prepared for several bass situations before you head out on the water. Arming yourself with spinnerbaits and buzzbaits only to find the bass are shy and hunkerin down in the wood will lead to a disappointing day on the water. Learn about lures, lure choices and what affects bass and be prepared ahead of time for several different scenarios and this will insure you can adapt your bass fishing techniques to the situation of the day.

    3. Check out a Map before You Fish. Many different charts are available from your local state or province that can help you catch more bass and I'm not just referring to nautical charts either. Nautical charts are a great resource for finding structure before you even put your boat in the water. Some can even be found online and others you can get from your local game and fish office for a reasonable fee. If you're serious about bass fishing then do yourself a favor and do your homework before your next fishing trip. But besides nautical charts there are also maps you can get that show all the different species of fish found in your area for each body of water as well. I remember when I was in the army and didn't have access to a bass boat and was stationed in a remote location I learned and discovered about this kind of map. I'm telling you what a summer I had. There were many little tiny lakes and streams noted on the map that contained populations of bass. That summer I took up challenge to explore a lot of these areas and I still remember that summer as being perhaps my most memorable bass fishing summer.

    The ultimate secret to catch more bass, based on these 3 killer bass fishing tips can be summarized down to understand your quarry and do your homework ahead of time but be prepared for changing conditions and you can turn a so-so fishing experience to a bass fishing trip of a lifetime.

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