Vas'Avi • Insurgency

Vas'Avi • Insurgency

[Joined DGL Insurgency League Season 3]

  • MiTcH

    Ross Steuernol

    MiTcH was first introduced to the competitive scene in Battlefield 3 and has been playing many other FPS games to this day. His defensive unique playstyle, great teamwork skills, and proficient game awareness granted him the oppertunity to work with former HeadHunter member TTurtle to create Vas'Avi's competitive Insurgency team. As co-captain of Vas'Avi, MiTcH organizes practice drills or activities as well as make strategies and call shots for Vas'Avi. ...Read More

  • kissesandsparkl


    Kisses joined Vas'Avi in March of 2015 in perparation for DGL Insurgency Season 3. His prior esports experience includes playing Day of Defeat 1.6, culminating in an appearance at the 2006 World Series of Video Games. He also featured as a strong fragger for Delenitor Gaming during DGL Season 2 where he began his competitive Insurgency career....Read More

  • Vortex

    Hi my name is Dylan, my gamertag (idk what to call it) is Vortex. I have been playing competitive insurgecy for about 4 months now and I have been on a couple teams. First i was on a casual clan called Revolutions International, and i was in charge with the competitive team, but we did not play very much, then Revolutions International disbanded and then the same people joined a team that we named Team Equilibrium. We participated in season 2 and we did fairly well, after the season ended the team disbanded and billboard and i went and tried out for Vas' Avi and we made it.  ...Read More

  • Billboard


    Entering the Insurgency scene in January of 2014, Billboard is already a well rounded fragger. His preference of assault rifles and ability to comfortably adapt to a conservative or aggressive playstyle are what sets him apart. He excells in map awareness, ability to prefire, and communication skills. Billboard's background in the Insurgency scene includes a short stint in an Ambush league, a season on a Chilled Gamers (cG) secondary TWL team, and a topfragger role during DGL Season two with Team Equilibrium (EL). He finds himself a new home for DGL Insurgency Season three with Vas'Avi and looks forward to crushing the competition....Read More

  • Sharosa

    Sharosa joined the competitive scene around 2013~2014 when he started playing on a Highlander steel team for TF2 with his friends. He then joined a 6's team where he played sub scout. He quit the TF2 scene late in 2014, and decided to pick up Insurgency once again. Sharosa then started queueing for competitive before he found a few players that were interested in him joining their team. 3 teams later, he finally found a player called TTurtle who recruited him over to Vas'avi, after being kicked from his last group. Sharosa hopes to climb the ladders with Vas'avi, and help in any way that he can....Read More



    Billiam began his competitive Insurgency time before Season 1 of the DGL started by helping to found "Memonto Mori" where he proceeded to play 1 league game and then disappear for a year only to come back to the nooblords known as Vas'Avi Gaming for Season 3. Within the team, Billiam hopes to bring his preposterous ideas and critical thinking skills into full employment. Among all things, Billiam likes to enjoy reading big words, wearing hats, and lazy sundays!  ...Read More